With over 25 years experience building balloon decorations in various cities and working in Evansville since 2016, we are the premier balloon company in the area.  As the most experienced team with years of collective knowledge in building unique designs, we are able to meet and exceed your expectations for any event.  Whether it's weddings, corporate events, graduations, birthday parties, or anything in between, we are fully prepared to make it special.  We love challenges and have built hundreds of custom designs.  We strive to WOW! your guests for every occasion.

Demi Arches

Our Demi-Arches are our best selling sculpture.  Each one is uniquely designed for your occasion.  We love trying out the different color combinations, and all of them have looked absolutely gorgeous!

Clusters &Centerpieces

Balloon Centerpiece & Clusters

Hanging clusters & centerpieces made from air-filled balloons last much longer than helium-filled balloons.  We can hang clusters with our new magnet system from anything metal to avoid using ladders.

Dazzling Columns

These air-filled columns can be made to fit in with any decor with either showy spaghetti toppers or a single huge balloon as the topper.  Let us design a column that will delight your guests!

Amazing  Arches


We can build a variety of arches including the amazing Star Arches.  Our outdoor arch is huge and flexible to help it stand up to wind.

Specialty Creations

Air-filled balloons can be made into shapes of various sizes and designs.  Your guests will be fascinated by these unique and festive creations!

Air-Filled Balloon Column Evansville Indiana

Bloomin' Balloons - Evansville, Indiana

We use only the best quality balloons with vibrant colors in our creations that create a stunning and uniform display.