Air-Filled balloons are cheaper than helium-filled balloons.  Why?  Because they are filled with just air using an inflator and you don't have to purchase an expensive helium tank to inflate them.  There is a helium shortage that is only going to get worse, so the cost is sure to rise on helium.  If you want your balloons to float, check out the  Hanging Clusters section below.


Air-Filled balloons last much longer than helium-filled balloons.  Helium escapes at a fast rate, so floating balloons won't stay up as long as an air-filled cluster hanging from the ceiling on at the top of a pole.


Air-Filled balloons can be used to make all kinds of sculptures, arches, & columns!  Just do a search on the Internet and you will find an endless supply of ideas for your next event.


Equipment used for building Air-Filled balloon sculptures can be reused, keeping costs down for future customers.




Why use helium when you can hang air-filled clusters from the ceiling?  They create a floating effect without the expense of helium.  The air-filled balloons also last much longer than helium-filled.  Thanks to our new Clik-Clik Magnetic Hanging System, we can hang clusters, signs, and other decorations from any ceiling with metal fixtures and avoid using ladders.   This saves time and makes any job much safer and easier.