Air-Filled Balloons Columns Arch Arches Evansville Indiana

Bloomin' Balloons is a Home-Based business specializing in a variety of unique and creative air-filled balloon columns, arches, & clusters, mostly built on-site.  Air-filled balloons last much longer than those filled with helium.   Using air-filled balloons also saves you money due to the high price of helium. 


Bloomin' Balloons can supply balloon creations for a variety of occasions:  Grand Openings, Corporate Events, Weddings, Proms, Anniversaries, & Parties of All Occasions.  Using your budget, we can help you create a festive atmosphere at your Event.


A part-time job at a party store in Arizona is where I began working with balloons by creating helium-filled balloon bouquets.  I was intrigued by the color combinations and trying to find a balance in the designs that I created to make them appealing to customers.  Moves to Fort Wayne, Indiana and then Wauconda, Illinois gave me a chance to start my own balloon business where I continued to practice and educate myself using Qualatex Balloons' how-to videos and lots of youtube videos.  Now that I've moved back to my home town of Evansville, I am thrilled to be able to continue with my love of balloon decorating.  Each job is a challenge as every job is different.  I spend a lot of time planning to make sure that each event, no matter how large or small, is special for my customers and their guests.  I do most of the work myself, with occasional help from my husband and son, so this helps to keep prices lower.

Bloomin' Balloons - Evansville Indiana