Link-o-Loon Balloon Walls


This balloon wall was made for a Charlie Brown Christmas themed party using Link-o-Loons.  It measures approximately 12' across by 8' tall.


There are endless designs that can be made using these balloons.

Backdrop Curtains

We also provide backdrop frames & curtains for your event.  We currently have 2 - 10 x 10 adjustable frames and the following curtain backdrops available for rent to use as a background for our balloon sculptures:



10' Tall x 20' Wide Metallic Shimmer Spandex Curtains - Champagne & Silver

10' Tall x 20' Wide Curtain w/Dazzling Sequins - Gold

This curtain really shimmers!

8' Tall x 8' Wide Hanging Leaf Petal Taffeta Curtain - Green, Black, Navy, Red, & Beige

These curtains have a more modern, shiny look.

8' Tall x 8' Wide Premium Velvet Curtains - BlackGold, & Charcoal Gray

We have a steamer to bring for wrinkles!