Column Toppers

We try to keep a variety of toppers in stock.  We also use solid & printed latex balloons as toppers.

HUGE BUBBLE BALLOONS - for medium & large columns

These Qualatex Bubble Balloons are made of stretchy, see-through plastic.  They inflate perfectly round and have a beach ball-like appearance.  These huge 22" balloons feature fun and innovative designs including many popular licensed characters!  Plus they never oxidize, are non-allergenic, and last a long, long time.

Anagram ORBZ & CUBEZ BALLOONS - for medium & large columns

Everyone loves these 16" perfectly round & square balloons.  They are very shiny and will stay inflated much longer than other types.

LARGE ANIMAL HEADS - for large columns

These huge foil animal head balloons measure 30-32".  Add animal print balloons to your column for an extra special effect!

SMALL TOPPERS - for centerpieces

These smaller balloons are great to use on centerpieces or small columns.  They range from 14" to 18".

Bloomin' Balloons - Evansville, Indiana