Organic Sculptures

The trend with balloons appears to be Organic Sculptures & Balloon Mosaics.  Arches & Demi-Arches and garland are becoming very popular to use for backdrops for photos at all types of events.  Organic balloon decor is a beautiful style of sculpture that attempts to mimic the beauty in nature with organically placed balloons throughout the piece.  Although these may look simpler, they actually take more time and balloons to complete the sculpture, so they usually cost more than a regular arch.  But the visual effect is outstanding and will WOW! your guests.

Organic Circle Arches & Columns

Organic Demi-Arches

Organic Garland & Sculptures

Balloon Mosaics

Balloon Mosaics require building a frame for the balloons, then filling the frames with colorful balloons to create beautiful sculptures.  These are also time consuming, and use lots of balloons, but the final effect is awesome!