There are many factors to be considered when determining the total cost for decorating an event, so it is not possible to give specific prices.  We look at the time spent planning and preparing for the event, the number of people required to build the decor, the location of the event, the amount and type of balloons & other supplies needed, the size of the structure, and whether equipment can be retrieved for reuse at another event.  It is always best to have a budget in mind, then we can help you select decor that will fit into your budget.  The great thing with air-filled balloons is that there are so many options available that are not that expensive that can help you to create a festive atmosphere at a fraction of the cost of helium-filled balloons.


We would be happy to talk with you on the phone, but we would love to make a visit to the venue so we can help you discover exciting decorating ideas for your event.  We are always looking to try new ideas, so if you find pictures of something you like, we will try to duplicate it or maybe even improve on the design.


We occasionally accept requests for Special Creations like our Carrot & Ice Cream Cone.  These do take a lot of extra time and effort on our part to research ideas and build frames, so a surcharge of $75 or more is possible.


A rather large percentage of requests for balloons come from charities that are fundraising for great causes.  Although we fully support your efforts, being a small, home based business, we are sorry but are unable to donate our services.  We will do our best to quote a good price to you. 

Sample Prices

We price for the whole package.  Package prices vary depending on size & detail & type of balloons & the quantity of decorations ordered.  Delivery charges vary according to distance from far east side of Evansville.


ESTIMATED COSTS:  (Prices may change depending on details)


The organic sculptures are awesome, but require more balloons and take more time to build than a standard arch.

Organic Circle Arch - $325 (Full arch - Incomplete circle is less)

Organic Demi-Arch - $195 (Approx. 4' x 7') - $325

Balloon Garland - Approx. $12-20/foot (Depending on style)


Standard Arches - $125 to $350 (Most common size - $200)

Star Arch - 11' - $275

                     9' - $225

                     6' - $175

Balloon Drops - $150 & Up (Depending on size)

Clouds - $35 to $65 (Various clusters at top & base w/ribbons)

Centerpieces - $15 to $50

Columns - $50 to $100 (Average $80)

Hanging Clusters - $4- $7 (Depending on design)

Mosaics - 3' - $100

                 4' - $150

                 5' - $225


Specialty Creations - $125 & Up.  Unique designs will require surcharge of $50 to $150 depending on complexity.  A lot of pre-planning is required and extra equipment must be purchased for many designs.


What to Expect

We will do our best to work within your budget to create the most festive decor for your event that will WOW! your guests at reasonable costs.  When the event is complete, we will arrange a time to pick up our equipment so that we can keep our prices low for the next customer.