Aeropole Arches, Star Arches, & Standard & Organic Arches

Aeropole Arches - Great for Outdoors!


Pricing:  These awesome aeropole arches are great for indoor and outdoor events.  They are built to sway in the wind with flexible poles and base weights of 56 pounds on each side.  The arch is also flexible in height & width.


5 pole - 25 linear feet, 13'-16' wide x 8'-9' tall                               $325

6 pole - 30 linear feet, 13'-20' wide x 9-1/2'-11'1/2' tall                 $375

7 pole -  35 linear feet, 13'-20' wide x 12'-14' tall                            $425


These prices are for standard balloons.  Specialty balloons will add to the cost.  A delivery charge may be added depending on the distance from I-69 & the Lloyd Expressway.

Star Arches


These awesome Star Arches come in the following sizes:  7' (very small) 9' (elementary student walk-thru) & 11' (adult walk-thru).


Standard Arches

design ideas for these are endless!

Organic Arches


These organic arches use more balloons and take more time so are a bit more expensive, but they look great!

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